Equine massage is the therapeutic application of massage techniques that is credited with increasing the performance level, competitiveness and endurance for your horse.

Equine massage

Equine massage assists the horse’s body in numerous ways:

  • reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints
  • improves circulation, therefore releasing endorphins and excreting toxins from the body
  • helps maintain the whole body in better physical condition
  • enhances muscle tone, and increases the range of motion
Equine massage


Heavy work

Horses in heavy work and/or competing regularly

  • 3 massages the first week
  • 2 the second week
  • once weekly for maintenance

Regular work

Horses in regular work or moderate competition

  • once a week for four weeks
  • then every other for maintenance

Light riding

Horses that are used for light riding or pleasure

  • as needed



  • The massage takes roughly one hour (depending on horse’s individual needs)
  • Based out of Gladys VA (zip code 24554) travel fees applied if over 30 miles

Magna Wave PEMF

Magna Wave PEMF

PEMF works on the cellular level of the body and is essentially a “massage” for your cell membranes! PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) Sessions available for horses, small animals, and humans!

Who should not use Magna Wave?

PEMF is contraindicated for use in the following cases:
  • pregnancy
  • chemotherapy patients
  • persons with a pacemaker or other implanted device


  • $65 for a full treatment for horses
  • $35 for small animals
  • $45 for humans

Spot treatments for $35

Localized treatment areas (horses with abscesses, tendon issues, lacerations)

Length of treatment time:

Treatments for horses last around 30 mins depending on horse.
Small animal/human treatment times vary.

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  • Based out of Gladys VA (zip code 24554) travel fees applied if over 30 miles
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